Super Bowl 2014: Planning Your Party

Super-Bowl-Party 2014Before we know it, February 2nd will be here, and most of us will be settling down to watch the Super Bowl.

For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to be at Metlife Stadium enjoying the game live, the chances are that you may be attending a Super Bowl party of some capacity. This annual event always seems to get friends and families swarming together. The media pumps it up more than March Madness, The Stanley Cup, and even the World Series. The hype leading up to the event is second to none, and we are always gifted with an over the top half-time show. The Super Bowl has so much power that even non-sport fans look to get in on the event.

The best part about all this is that it isn’t a party to stress over. You aren’t expected to cook gourmet style, or have agonizing conversations with your in-laws. As far as parties go, it’s as casual as it gets and if you wish, you can kick back in sweatpants all day. All this being said, some preparation for your Super Bowl party will ensure it’s one your guests remember.

There are three fundamentals to a Super Bowl party, and they’re simple:


Keep it casual; you’re not on the cooking channel. Chose comfort foods that are easy to eat. You probably won’t be sitting around the dining table, so keep it simple.

Chips are always a great place to start, but you can get a little more adventurous than a jar of salsa. Layered dips and cheesy spinach dips are always popular. Did we mention you won’t be dieting?

If the dips are considered appetizers, then let’s consider the next foods our entrées. Chili is a hearty dish that will please almost everyone. Throw it in the slow coker in the morning, and let your guests grab a bowl when they wish. Wings are another great option. Our advice is to season them simply and put a number of different sauces out for guest to choose from. The Burn Center here at Julio’s is ideal to pick up a couple of different style wing sauces to make sure there is something for everyone.

You can’t forget dessert. If there is a baker in the family, a couple pies or a cake always go down well. If you’re not feeling like cooking up a storm, your local grocery stores will often have Super Bowl themed cakes toward the end of January.

The bottom line tends to be that if it’s easy to eat, or finger food, then it will work. Obviously you are going to want to cater to the style of guests, as well as any children at the party too.


Depending on how you arrange your party, your guests may be expected to bring their own drinks or they may be completely your responsibility. If it’s the latter, then now is your chance to impress. If it is your party and your friends, the chances are you’ll have an idea of what people like. Putting together a selection of different beers is always something that strikes up good conversation and gives your friends the chance to try something new. At Julio’s Liquors Beer Shop there is a Wild Six Program. Mix and match any six beers and you receive 10% off.

Punch is always popular too. It may remind you of a scorpion bowl from your local Japanese restaurant or jungle juice from your college days. Either way, the fruitier, the better. Our selection of liquor will certainly have you covered for that. Lastly, don’t forget the little folks. Pick up some sodas for the guests who are not old enough for alcohol, or make some virgin punch.


There really isn’t much to do here seeing as the party is based around the Super Bowl. However, the game only lasts so long. Drinking games or charades are ideal for halftime if you don’t care too much for the halftime show. Have a ball on hand, as the young ones (and even the old ones) may like to get a small game going in the yard at some point.

Now that you have a plan for your party, you’re going to need some supplies. Lucky for you, Julio’s Liquors carries a wide variety of adult beverages that will help you host a Super Bowl party your guests will remember. Stop by our storefront on Route 9 in Westborough, MA to see all we have in store.

And of course, as always, we ask that you party responsibly.

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